«Donskoy tabak» resumed company’s results for 2015
05 April 2016
At a time when market is contracted (by 7,8% all over Russia at the level of last year) «Donskoy tabak» maintains the forth market position, increased its market share by 0, 7% up to the level of 9,5%.

The volume of output amounts 32,9 billion cigarettes in 2015.

Total volume of sales- 33,1 billion cigarettes.

Brand portfolio of the company numbers more than 120 brands of tobacco products. Sales geography:Russia and export markets.

Leaders of the total sales pattern- brands «Donskoy tabak», «Kiss», «PLAY», «Continent», «Armada».

Total volume of export sales amounts to 6,05 billion cigarettes.

Main export markets: Abkhazia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan. In 2015 new export markets were developed: Belgium, Palestine, Paraguay, and Nigeria.

Gross volume of sales grew by 33% to the level 829,3 million EUROS.

Total net sales- 256,5 million EUROS.

EBITDA made 82,9 million EUROS.

Volume of tax payments grew by 24% and amounts to 525, 5 million EUROS.