The RICHMOND means perfect blends of pipe tobaccos that were selected at tobacco auctions all oer the world. Those are 100 percent natural pure and additive-free Golden Virginia and Burley tobaccos. The unique packing preserves unexcelled taste of RICHMOND cigarettes for a long time.


The SENATOR cigarettes are stylish, minimalistic, male-oriented. A refined taste of SENATOR cigarettes is supplemented by premium tin cigarette case and linen cigarette paper.


The AROMA RICH cigarettes have excellent taste built based on a unique recipe. Hookah tobaccos and natural juice are added to the blend.


The Kiss brand is a leader in the female-oriented super slim cigarette market segment. Kiss is internationally known brand distributed in 25 countries.

In February 2014, a newly-designed Kiss cigarette pack was launched.
The new Kiss versions emphasize the individuality of consumers. Clubnichka, Fresh apple and Energy sub-brands became even more bright and colorful and Dream, Romantic, Menthol sub-brands have gained discreet and womanly temper.


The Continent is just the majestic No.1 in the South of Russia. Continent brand was introduced to the market 2005 and has many fans among smokers due to full taste and leaves a softly covering aftertaste. Company experts carefully maintain the tobacco blend recipe to ensure the unique taste of Continent cigarettes for their consumers.
There are various types among Continent sub-brands and so everybody can choose his or her favourite cigarettes.

21 VEK

The brand is present in the market for over 15 years.

Toxic substances in tobacco smoke are retained at three-section biofilter that contains haemoglobin impregnated charcoal.

Since April 2014, a new design version of the cigarettes has been produced. The style, color spectrum and combination of features have remained the same as they have been known to consumers. The design became more conceptual, balanced and modern due to competent composition solutions and variety of print effects.


The brand PLAY is a new brand but it has gained wide popularity after its launch 2011. The popularity of the brand is growing from month to month.

High quality at a reasonable price constitutes the secret of PLAY success.

Donskoy Tabak

Classical taste and full aroma with notes of chocolate and prunes are distinguishing features of Donskoy Tabak brand due to especially created blend of first-class tobaccos from three continents.

Being present in the market over 20 years, the brand is popular across whole Russia but consumers from Don-Country are the major fans thereof.


The ARKTIKA (АРКТИКА) trademark incarnates spirit of the history. The production of the cigarettes was launched in 1977 in honour of the atomic-powered icebreaker Arktika that reached the North Pole.


The ARMADA cigarettes are made of skillfully selected tobaccos that give harmonious balanced taste comprising spicy notes.

They are created especially for true connoisseurs.

Marshal is skillfully selected tobacco sorts which are best combined in a tobacco blend of international level and quality.

High quality of these cigarettes is achieved due to careful control and supervision over all production cycles by specialists of Innovation Tobacco Company.


BEVERLY — the original idea of the trademark, the modern packaging design, popular taste American blend, high qualitative tobacco grades and usage of the laser perforation as the up-to-date technology for reducing of the harmful substances.


NAVIGATOR is introduced in four taste versions, each of them is symbolizing one of the directions: NORTH “N” NAVIGATOR, EAST “E” NAVIGATOR, WEST “W” NAVIGATOR, SOUTH “S” NAVIGATOR. The cigarettes NAVIGATOR are designed for active, purposeful people, who appreciate free choice.